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The humble colon

colon  Following on from my semicolon post, it’s time to conquer the colon (in a grammatical, not an anatomical sense). Whilst I don’t see colons used with as much misplaced, random abandon as semicolons, I rarely see them used at all. They can do Good Things for your writing and it’s a shame to leave them on the shelf.  So, using the same no-nonsense website as before,  here are the two most common instances in which you can improve the flow of your writing with a colon:

I’m currently reading a Young Adult novel which makes excellent, and frequent use of colons (Michael Grant’s ‘Gone‘) and was the perfect reminder to write this post :)

Plus, while I think of it, for extreme and dedicated use of the semicolon in fiction, Alison Littlewood’s ‘The Unquiet House‘ is  a fabulous showcase (and a great read).

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