Markham Correct


“Zoë is extremely professional and punctual and delivers a thoroughly proofed manuscript while also identifying and respecting the writer’s style elements. After proofing three of my full-length novels, I will not publish anything before her eyes see it first.”

Rissa Brahm Tempting Isabel (Proofreading, Romance)

“Zoë was not only diligent and professional in her work, she responded promptly to any questions and kept me up to date with timescales to the point she was able to fit in my book earlier than expected. She did absolutely everything you could ask for, made the whole process painless, informative and frankly enjoyable for a first time writer.”

Jonathan Fox The Link Boy (Proofreading, YA)

“I looked around quite a bit for an editor that had a history of success and was willing to do the work on a rather technical book. I didn’t want someone that was just going to go through and correct spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I was looking for subjective feedback and thoughtful editing. Zoë delivered exactly what I was looking for and did it in a professional manner. My emails were answered within one day (usually within 12 hours). She edited my first chapter for free, just to make sure we were a good fit. And in the end, provided a very professional edit with excellent suggestions on time and for an extremely reasonable price. Zoë is the real deal when it comes to top-notch editing.”

Bert Seller A Thumb Sucker’s Guide To Quip (Copy-editing, Non-fiction)

“In addition to the command of language and grammar you’d expect, Zoë has a crucial talent for consistency and continuity. If it’s hyphenated, capitalized, spelled oddly, or specially formatted on page 3, she will make sure it’s also hyphenated, capitalized, spelled the same way, or has the same formatting on page 326. There are a lot of people out there who can spot a typo, but this is the mark of a real proofreader, and it’s especially important for fantasy authors who, let’s face it, make up a lot of words.”

Jen Rasmussen Ghost in the Canteen (Proofreading, Urban Fantasy)

“Zoë Markham is exactly what you need from a proofreader: diligent, communicative, accurate, and honest. Working with Zoë was a pleasure, and my manuscript was so much cleaner after she’d finished with it. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

T. James Out of the Darkness (Proofreading, Science Fiction)

“I was so lucky to happen upon Zoë Markham through GoodReads. Not only did she put me at ease with her warm, funny style, but she treated my book with care and respect. I appreciated her keen eye for detail, her prompt turnaround and her suggested corrections—all of which I accepted.  I was confident by the end of the proofreading process that I had a squeaky clean novel. Zoë was truly a pro and a joy to work with. She’s the first choice for my next book!”

Leigh Carron Fat Girl (Proofreading, Romance)

“I completely trusted Zoë with my book, she gave me honest professional advice, and she did it in record time. Zoë has made my book that much better, that much more polished, and that much more professional. I feel more confident in it too, and I do not hesitate to recommend her.”

Andrew Leong The Rich Recruiter (Copy-editing, Business)

“You’ve made a process I was expecting to be downright painful extremely enjoyable.”

Nate Barham Fragments (Copy-editing, Epic Fantasy)

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